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mp3 Monk, Thelonious:
Brilliant Corners
great from e-music 5

cd Monk, Thelonious:
Live at the Five Spot (Discovery!)
purchase Live at the Five Spot featuring John Coltrane

cd Monk, Thelonious:
Monk in Tokyo - 2 discs
purchase Monk in Tokyo

mp3 Monk, Thelonious:
Monk's Miracles
Columbia Record Club\* This seven-track compilation consists of sides from Thelonious Monk's earliest Columbia Records\' long-players Monk's Dream (1963), Criss-Cross (1963), Big Band and Quartet in Concert (1964), It\'s Monk's Time (1964), and Misterioso (1965). Although Monk's Miracles (1967) was only available for a limited time through the Columbia Records Club, it offers far more than the typical hastily assembled best-of. The cheery post-bop of "Bye-Ya" -- from Monk\'s Dream -- is among his finest offerings for the label and a faultless way to kick things off... from compilation 0

vinyl Monk, Thelonious:
Monk\'s Music
Riverside\* 0

cd_b Monk, Thelonious:
Straight, No Chaser
purchase Straight, No Chaser awesome! a classic...

cd Monk, Thelonious:
The Essential Thelonious Monk
purchase The Essential Thelonious Monk

vinyl Monk, Thelonious:
The High Priest
Prestige/'67 0

cd Monk, Thelonious:
Thelonious Monk with John Coltrane
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