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cd Shorter, Wayne:
Adam's Apple

cd Shorter, Wayne:

cd Shorter, Wayne:

cd_b Shorter, Wayne:
Beyond the Sound Barrier
from e-music

vinyl Shorter, Wayne:
Blue Note/\'80 Blue note classics re-release of '69 album 5

cd Shorter, Wayne:
Footprints live

vinyl Shorter, Wayne:
Moto Grosso Feio
Blue Note\'70 A very cool album. Free-er than most w.shorter albums that I'm familiar with. Here's a good review that I found elsewhere:  Moto Grosso Feio is musically related to Super Nova and Odyssey of Iska. It was actually recorded on the same day as Odyssey of Iska but released years later. It was a courageous album. It must have been clear to all involved that no fortune would be generated from that album. The music is uncompromisingly free and committed to musical integrity. During the late sixties, Wayne Shorter started to play the soprano sax more than the tenor, also on this album. His playing is characterized by an acute sense of economy and a lyricism and warmth which transform the free forms and harmonies of the music into emotional landscapes. The top-class sextet stands out because some of the musicians don't play the instrument for which they are known - Chick Corea plays Marimba, drums and percussion, and John McLaughlin plays the twelve string guitar, and also because instead of a keyboard instrument, there are two bass players (Ron Carter and Dave Holland) and two percussionists (Corea and Michelin Prell). Together, they create a dense, tropical feel 5

vinyl Shorter, Wayne:
Native Dancer

cd Shorter, Wayne:
Night Dreamer

mp3 Shorter, Wayne:
Odyssey Of Iska
A cool album from Wayne Shorter... From around the same time as Moto Grosso Feio... found online 0

vinyl Shorter, Wayne:
Blue Note\'69?

vinyl Shorter, Wayne:
Second Genesis
Affinity\'84 80s reissue

cd Shorter, Wayne:
Speak No Evil

cd Shorter, Wayne:
Super Nova

cd Shorter, Wayne:
The Soothsayer

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